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On January 23, 2018, I released my first book, On The Sauce: A Cautionary Tale of Being Burned by the Pizza Industry! Pick up your copy via Amazon Kindle or paperback here!


It is no secret that the American economy is in shambles. Everywhere you look there are businesses closing, mass layoffs, and our workforce left with nothing but unemployment benefits when these things happen. Some have been forced to do the unthinkable just to keep a job in the dog-eat-dog world of corporate anonymity - sacrifice their personal integrity.

When I walked into that office, I was the underdog. When I walked out for the last time, I had overcome adversity and was glad to go. On The Sauce: A Cautionary Tale of Being Burned by the Pizza Industry is a fearless, sassy memoir of just how far I went to keep my job as an office manager for a popular pizza franchise. Most people complain about long hours and overbearing management, but my story goes farther. I worked for a man who covered up a manager's embezzlement and manslaughter all while falling in love with him. Constantly breaking both company rules and Federal laws to suit his agenda and being a member of a management love triangle served as the icing on the cake. On The Sauce is my personal narrative from the outside looking in, and my story of survival through an eighteen-month long work-life soap opera. 

As the economy improves, businesses of all sizes will once again begin to flourish and the job market will grow. In the meantime, I would like On The Sauce to appeal to employers and employees alike, and prove that no matter what the work situation, anyone can overcome, specifically young women like myself. Beyond that, it can serve as a 'what not to do' for employers of all sizes.